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3D Chat

What is 3D chat? 3D chat usually takes place in 3D virtual worlds. Instead of solely a text nickname the person is represented by a 3D avatar which can be freely created according to the individual's taste and style. The avatars of the users are animated so they can interact with each other in a 3d chat room. In Club Cooee the 3D chat rooms are also easily designed and decorated by users. The 3D chat rooms are a place to socialize, host parties and exciting events. The 3D experience is enhanced by videos, music and pictures that can be directly integrated into the 3D chat rooms. Free 3D chat in Club Cooee When a member logs into the Club Cooee client, he or she has the option to engage in free 3D chat with other avatars. 3D chat is simply the act of talking with other members using text-based chat in a virtual world environment. Members, through the use of an avatar, have the opportunity to interact with each other and the Club Cooee 3D virtual world while expressing themselves using animations and 3D chat. In Club Cooee, members engage in shared media experiences by listening to the same music, simultaneously viewing the same information in a browser (e.g. YouTube videos, personal websites), looking at the same graphics (photos, illustrations) placed in frames on a wall in a 3D room or by playing virtual games together. 3D chat adds another dimension to the standard text-based chat experience by enhancing communication between avatars.