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What is chat? Online chat is a way of communicating by sending text messages to people in the same chat room in real-time. Some chat rooms use both text and voice simultaneously. The oldest form of true chat rooms are the text-based variety. In most cases, chat is a free service. [online chat, text chat, free chat] People that chat in an instant messenger like Windows Live, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM or QQ usually know each other already. They use a small, downloadable client to stay connected and see who is online or not. Internet based chat usually takes place in online chat rooms, where people exchange their text messages in a text box. In contrast to instant messengers, the people chatting in chat rooms usually do not know each other. Quite often there is a specific topic for each chat room which makes it easier to meet new people or experts discussing a specific topic. In a virtual world, communication via chat is one of the most important aspects. virtual worlds provide a 2D or 3D environment with avatar and rooms, which adds more fun and personality to the text chatting experience. Chat is also very popular in online games and [MMOs. Many social networks or online communities offer a text based chat for their users. Club Cooee offers so many features in a unique 3D chat experience. Instead of just a text nickname, the user is represented by their own personal 3D avatar, which can be freely created according to the individual's taste and style. The avatars of the users are animated, so they can easily interact with each other in 3D chat rooms. In Club Cooee the 3D chat rooms are also easily designed and decorated by users. The 3D chat rooms are a place to socialize, host parties and exciting events. The 3D experience is enhanced by videos, music and pictures that can be directly integrated into the 3D chat rooms.