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Get to know new people, become friends, chat, and have a great time together. Here at Club Cooee you can meet new and old friends from all over the world. Together, Club Cooee is even more fun!

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The world of Club Cooee is a colourful and diverse one. Discover the exotic islands, experience unforgettable parties in the rocking club rooms, or take a romantic walk through our gardens with your loved one!

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Whether lounge, club, or disco - you can spin yourself into the top DJ-charts at our DJ stations. And with a little bit of luck you might even become one of the DJs at our biggest official Club Cooee DJ party.

Your Style Counts

Become a designer and create your very own outfits! Print your designs on t-shirts, trousers, and many more items and sell them in your own designershop. Show the community your individual style!

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