Club Cooee is an online 3D chat community where members use 3D avatars to meet new people, chat, create and have fun with their friends. All in One. And best of all: It's FREE!

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How to earn Cooee Points and Cooee Cash

Thanks for using Club Cooee! To show our appreciation and to thank you for helping Club Cooee grow, we have introduced a usage rewards program. Now you can earn Cooee Points just for using Club Cooee and introducing new people to the World's Greatest and slickest 3D Chatworld for Windows! Here is a summary of the easy and fun ways to earn Cooee Points.

Earnings overview

Refer a Friend

When you invite a friend you earn precious Points and Cash! Whenever the invited friend buys Cooee Cash you earn a 5% share of the Cooee Cash amount!

Invite and refer People

Share and Promote

Promote Club Cooee and earn Cooee Points whenever someones click on your promotion link and registers for Club Cooee.

Share Club Cooee

Active Rooms

You earn 1 Cooee Point each day for each unique visitor in any of your rooms (but not more than 50 Cooee Points in sum). We distribute this type of Cooee Points once a day for the previous day.

Stay online

You earn 5 Cooee Points for each 5 minutes you spend online in the Club Cooee client.