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  • ❀ Baru ❀
  • 19 years old
  • Czech Republic
❀ ✰Follow your dreams✰ ❀ ♡Taken by Ayush 6/5/2020♡ ❀
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❀ Baru ❀
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About me
❀ My name is Baru and I'm 19 years old. I'm from the centre of Europe and I have visited many European countries. I'm a proud Christian ^-^. I'm a very shy girl. I speak Czech and English and I can understand a few more languages a little bit. ❀ ♡ My love is Ayush ♡ He is my everything, my first and final love ♡ 6/5/2020 ~ I love you ♡ ❀ My family: ♡ Daughters: Ooniushka, Shreya ♡ Sissies: Catty (Chey), Teja ♡ Sis in law Louise ♡ Cousin Diya ♡ Niece Gold ♡ Bro Luci ❀ Friends: ♡ Emilushka ♡ Kizzinka ♡ Verunka ♡ Donutík ♡ Oktánek ♡ Jennynka ♡ Rubynka ♡ Rahílek ♡ Brad ♡ Dia ♡ Shivika ♡ Mahsa ♡ ❀ I'm happy to know them ^-^
The types of people I want to meet
Nice, good behaving and helpful people. Not rude ones. And also no liars who easily break friendship. ^-^ I'm already taken so I don't also want flirty people. If you're one then don't text, sorry...
What is romantic
The moment when you sit close to your true love, hug and kiss each other... ^-^ and talk to each other and do things together
The story about me and my cooee life is so much long. I joined this place just to create some virtual avatars, I didn't even want to meet people. When I met some people, I just started roleplaying with my avatars so people could never know my real name, age and where I was from. I started regretting it when people became too close to me. One of them was the boy of my life. He always liked me inside even when he thought I was many years older than him. After ages I told him the truth and my new life on cooee started, where I started being just real me and then the boy of my life became my boyfriend. ♡
Favorite Quote
♡ Never avoid someone who loves you truly, because nowadays it's really hard to find true love ♡
What makes you angry
I mostly cry as my heart is weak, but when it comes to being mad, it's when someone in real life doesn't let me use mobile or pc so I can't talk to my boyfriend and friends, or when someone I love most breaks promises - but that might make me also cry according to my personality. Things I personally don't like - lies, fake friends, rude people, horrors, alcoholic drinks, drugs, smoking, devils and many other bad things.
The best thing that happened to you
♡ I joined this game / 3D chat where I met so much nice people, and one of them is my forever and ever love ♡ I love you so much my honey ♡