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Manual: Achievements

Collect badges and increase your XP-level in Club Cooee.

And this is how it works.

What are achievements and badges?

In Club Cooee there are a number of different tasks for you to solve. For each solved task you will be rewarded with a badge.

Some types of tasks come in different levels that have to be finished one after another. Accordingly, the number of stars on the badge reflects which level of the task you have already successfully achieved.

Where can I find my achievementes and badges?

The tasks and badges reflect your achievements and you can find them in the navigation area of your profile under badges/achievements (HERE). You can choose between the grid-view () and the list-view ( ):

The grid-view () offers you a quick overview of your achievements. Badges for completed tasks are shown in colour. The higher the achieved level the more stars the badge has. Tasks that have not yet been solved are shown in grey.

The list-view  ( ) shows you your badges and additionally shows you the task you have to carry out to receive the next badge.

In your list of achievements you can also see how many single steps you have absolved and how many you need to complete the next level. On the right you can see how many XP you will receive when you unlock the next level.

You can find your tasks and badges here.

What are experience points (XP)?

For every badge or every level of a badge you achieve you will receive experience points (for short XP). The higher the achieved level of a badge the more XP-points you will receive. For example, 250 XP for the first level and 5000 XP for a three star level.

We don’t only award XP for the accomplishment of achievements. There are a number of different activities with which you can also earn XP. As soon as you complete an activity and are awarded XP a message will appear.

What is the XP-level?

The XP-level reflects your activity in Club Cooee. You increase your level by collecting experience points (XP). You can only access and use some functions of Club Cooee when you have reached a certain level. Each user’s XP-level is shown directly next to the user picture on the profile page. You can also find the rank the user holds in the overall high score list there.

How can I compare my achievements with others?

You can find the badges and achievements of other users in their profile in the navigation bar on the left under achievements/badges. If you want to see a direct comparison simply click on “compare achievements” to see the other user’s badges. You can find the function left of the buttons used to switch between views (). Your achievements will be shown on the left and the other user’s achievements will be shown on the right.

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