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02/02/12 7:07am
ClubCooeeEN, 02/02/12 7:07am, 45 comments (last: 12/30/13 4:03pm)
ClubCooeeEN made a new blog entry:

Become a designer and earn Cooee Cash!

Since its launch last year, you’ve been able to check out and get used to our current Marketplace. This year we’ve added a further amazing feature which will allow you to be even more creative and on top of that will enable you to earn a lot of Cooee Cash.

If becoming a fashion designer has always been your dream you’re in for a treat. Use your imagination, come up with fantastic designs and sell your finished creations in your shop.

If you are wondering how everything works don’t worry we’ve put together a detailed guide for you right HERE.

Or would you rather get started straight away? Then simply click HERE and you’ll be taken straight to our Marketplace.

All items that were bought before the 2nd of February can’t be sold!

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Like: flame1
can I? :L
For Czech language wiew my blog.
gostaria de fala maes uma coissa como posso ganhar isso ci ñ sei nem qui é cc
voo ganha cc pra caramba u.U
nn entendi chokitoh ooq eles falaraam ? '-' tem q pagar alguma coisa pra ganhar cash nessa joça de promoo ai?
oi eu queo ganha cc em?

salut tout le monde
nice i want a job
very nice
this website sucks!!!
how can i be designer ??????????????????????????
imado cooll
imado cooll
how do u disighn cloths
how u design
slt tout le mond moi je suis la plus riche de club cooee si vous saviez
i wanna become fashion designer just like u !!!!!!!! :DD
i wanna do tht :bug:
I'm kind hey hey hey
I'm kimd hey hey
can I have 62 cc please because I need them really bad for a dance move my person is coolgirl166