10.07.2020 10:22

With the ascent of selfies, specialists have seen an increase in demands for specific plastic medical procedure alternatives that give careful facial contouring. At the point when individuals take a gander at the edges that make selfies put their best self forward, they regularly picture high and sharp cheekbones just as a very much molded jawline. These regions of the face can be precisely improved by performing buccal fat evacuation, cheek expansion or neck liposuction. At the point when this gathering of medical procedures is acted in combination with one another, it is known as "selfie sculpting."

Am I a Good Candidate for Surgical Facial Contouring?

A GOOD CANDIDATE for careful facial contouring is:

Somebody who is at their optimal body weight

An individual that has finished pubescence yet has obstinate infant fat in their cheeks

Somebody with a slight definition to the jawline since having normally higher and rounder cheekbones will make the outcomes increasingly emotional (this isn't constantly required)

Patients that are NOT GOOD CANDIDATES for careful facial contouring include:

Patients who are very thin

Patients that will have issues with volume misfortune as they age since buccal fat gives volume that may not be perfect for a youngster yet it gives a significant shape to the face as an individual ages

Licenses with dimples can be affected by buccal fat evacuation