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Risk's area is changing. Difficult times, technologies that is fast-changing and volatile world events are currently departing businesses vulnerable than everbefore. Where dangers will come out it is far more difficult to predict. Expectations, markets that were lively and the regulations have produced the businesses committed to recognise the significance of openness towards both external in addition to internal risk. Businesses are adapting and so are we: encouraging you into future-proofing your business to become time-consuming and risk prepared.

We at PwC know that risks aren't solely restricted in your own organisation to the market areas. We're dedicated towards not value security but also value addition in your business. Our clinic has developed a comprehensive strategy which will help ease safeguard your procedures and enhance efficiency. Bright professionals quipped with a wise strategy and tech can help you discover the ideal risk solutions to satisfy your needs.

Practice summary
PwC aids in discovering risk management alternatives that are effective to help fit with you business's strategic aims. Our group of professionals focusses from the financial services industry in areas like insurance, portfolio and asset managers, banking, capital markets and paths.

We've got of 1000 services professionals specializing on Banking Capital Markets and Insurance businesses, group. FS professionals' competency profile comprises M&A Advisory, and Governance, Risk Management, Compliance Consulting Tax throughout the EMEA area.

Our Differentiators
Our expertise and specialisation
Our clinic has a diverse and lively experience throughout the financial services businesses from the consulting, advisory, engineering, taxation and also the confidence realm
Our clinic has a huge pool of professionals who have multi-level expertise across Banks, NBFCs, Insurance, and Capital Market players and other monetary value chain providers from India, Singapore, Hong Kong and Middle East
Our clinic has a solid regulatory services group that's a thought leader on different financial services sector problems with inputs on subjects throughout regulations, and governance, management confidence and taxation problems
an extremely powerful analytics group existence inside the PwC network assisting on constant control monitoring initiatives inside concurrent audit
Our regulatory links
The PwC team frequently interacts with numerous Banks in the business to comprehend the issues round the regulatory domain through different seminars, events, roundtables and polls
The PwC staff has as part of its group, Ex-RBI professionals, who help build connect with various divisions within RBI, to talk and gain clarity on the urgent industry issues
The PwC group includes a worldwide Central Banking forum, which interacts with different Central Banks throughout the world, including India, to know the priorities of their regulators
Our idea leaderships
PwC considers it is a knowledge organisation also has always been at the forefront of discussing sector trends, industry evaluation and inventions in the financial services area. PwC has instrumental in creating the original COSO framework
PwC has played a Substantial role in aiding the NBFCs transition into Banking players beneath the distinguished Bank license program directly in the application platform to rolling out that the target working model
PwC has made a Substantial contribution by being a knowledge associate in the fiscal technology innovation distance

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