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What is an avatar? Due to the successful movie "Avatar" by James Cameron, the term avatar became well known. An avatar is the term used for the digital representation of a user of any virtual world, computer game, MMORPG or any other Internet-based, online community. Avatars (also abbreviated as avi, av or ava) can be represented by a 2D (two-dimensional) image such as a picture or graphic illustration or as a 3D (three-dimensional) figure or model in a 3D virtual world or in 3D computer games. The avatar is the icon with which the user personifies his or her identity and communicates with other users within the digital community. The word "avatar" comes from the ancient Sanskrit term used to describe a deity or the deity’s incarnation in human form. "Avatar" has been popularized in modern culture through its appearance in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel “Snow Crash”. 3D avatars in Club Cooee In Club Cooee's 3D Avatar Chat & Community, members easily create their personal avatars to chat, meet new friends and play avatar games in the virtual community world. Are you a fashion fanatic? Love science fiction or anime? Fashion your avatar after anyone or anything. Find your inspiration. Standout with a role play inspired, futuristic alien, or you can just be yourself! Show off your real life personality through fashion. Your 3D avatar can be whoever you like. Personalize your avatar in Club Cooee Even small details make an image. You can personalize the features of your 3D avatar. Shape your face like a real life person or an anime character. Change the color of your skin to a brilliant purple or a natural tone. Mix and match items from the Club Cooee shops and your own special creations to build a unique look. With an ever growing amount of items to choose from, your avatar can look like a superhero, or a superdiva.