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See where trends are going before they hit? Awesome! Now take that talent and use it to create your own clothes and accessories. And why not sell your stuff in your own designer outlet?

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Virtual World

What are virtual worlds? A 3D virtual world is a three-dimensional, digital representation of an environment that graphically represents a fantasy or reality-based community. As in Club Cooee, the 3D (three-dimensional) virtual reality environment is most often populated by avatars, which are controlled by members of the virtual world. The look of a 3D virtual world has depth, perceptive visual space and often conforms to real world based rules such as gravity, locomotion or movement through space. What is the virtual world of Club Cooee Club Cooee is a friendly online world, where people from all over the world can create, party and interact in any way right on top of your desktop. The small download of 4 MB opens a whole new world of interesting people. Connects with existing instant messenger services or facebook chat and keep updated about your social network all day. Meet new friends In Club Cooee make it easy to find new friends. Just enter the online world and you can interact with other people in several ways. Chat with many people in the 3D chat rooms or go for a more personal one on one conversation in a desktop chat with your avatar. Get to know the Cooee member in the community pages, check out their pictures and rooms, or leave a comment on their profile. Dress up your avatar Easily create your personal avatar in 3D according to your personal style. Are you a fashion fanatic? Love science fiction or anime? Dress up your avatar after anyone or anything. Find your inspiration. Standout with a role play inspired, futuristic alien. Or you can just be yourself! Show off your real life personality through fashion. Your 3D avatar can be whoever you like. Create and decorate your own 3D chat rooms Easily create and furnish your own 3D chat room or fantasy scene to welcome friends and party. Integrate your favorite music, video or pictures. Explore new scenes with your friends. Have a future themed party in a 3D spaceship. If you prefer fashion-oriented parties, create a catwalk and show off your style. You can join clubs as well! Do you have a certain interest? Create a club or join one that exists already. You can talk about your interest in our community of other people who enjoy it. Play virtual games Take part in contests, visit clubs, dance or compete in virtual games against other members. Compatible with Other Messengers Stay connected with friends using other existing messengers or Facebook chat.